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Saaremaa Lihatööstus LLC’s forerunner can be considered to be the city abattoir built in 1886. This was the second abbattoir ever built in Estonia. Based on that slaughter house, The Saaremaa Meat and Dairy Industry was founded in 1975, which united all the meat and dairy related organizations in Saaremaa. That marked the start of centralized local meat and dairy production. In 1983 the first investments were made to build a meat processing department – 1983 a cold store was established, 1987 a sausage department was established.


In 1994, following Estonias independence, Saaremaa Liha- ja Piimatööstus Ltd, was founded based on the original Meat and Dairy industry. This new company was carried into the trade register in 1996. Further investments were made in 1994 to improve and renew equipment, establish a new slaughter house and to restructure production. In 2007 the owners of the time decided to split the dairy and meat industry and sell the meat industry to new owners. April 2007 saw the birth of a new company Saaremaa Lihatööstus Llc and the new owner became to be Holostovi Kinnisvarahaldus Llt.


Starting from 2007, under the new administration, the production technology got renewed. Remarkable development has also been done regarding the range of products and in the eyes of consumers both locally and abroad – “Saaremaa” has been established as a premium-class meat production brand.


In 2008 we successfully applied for the ISO22000:2005 control system certificate, which is the basis of continuous improvements regarding production processes and implementations of technological innovations ensuring the company’s success.

SLT activity is regulated by the Veterinary and Food department’s approval nr. 271, which was issued in 16.09.2009. That approval specifies the recognized sphere of activity and production of Saaremaa Lihatööstus LLC.


The field of processing organic meats is recognized in the decision nr. 393 – issued by the managing director of the Veterinary and Food department on the 16th of December 2009.

SLT’s quality lab is nationally recognized as suitable in terms of equipment and staff for determining trihhinellosis (As decided by the general director of the Veterinary and Food Department in the decision bill nr. 107, on the 1st of april 2010).